Where are LimeSDR.org sanctioned drivers?


The issue was that I used Zadig to install drivers for the LimeSDR. I used the driver found at https://wiki.myriadrf.org/Lime_Suite#USB_driver and now I can see my device.

How do I generate this driver, and what alternatives exist?

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I am experiencing much the same issue as detailed here: Lime SDR recognized by windows device manager but not LimeSuiteGUI.

I have checked J17. It appears to be connecting well. I am using Lime Suite and driver as provided by PothosSDR, as it is linked from limesdr.org. This is the only discussion forum I could find.


You’re seeing an issue that has been a conundrum when using Windows (which isn’t a bad thing) with the LimeSDR. The drivers that ZADIG selects and loads for the LimeSDR are NOT the same drivers that LimeSuite uses. Evidence of this (for me) was that when I had the Cypress drivers (which works with LimeSuite) installed, SDRConsole would work fine, but another app, SDRAngel, would not work at all - couldn’t see the LimeSDR. When I loaded the ZADIG driver for the LimeSDR, then SDRConsole could not see the LimeSDR and SDRAngel would work fine and see the LimeSDR.

The point is, if you’re loading the ZADIG driver it’s not going to work with much other than SDRAngel and a handful of other apps. But if you want to use LimeSuite, GQRX, CubicSDR, GNURadio Companion, SDRConsole, or a handful of other apps, then you need to let Windows load the Cypress drivers that are signed/sanctioned by Microsoft. One or the other will work under Windows, but not both concurrently.

So, in this case, let Windows find your LimeSDR device and then allow it to load the signed drivers. Then LimeSuite and those other apps will work fine. If you’re planning to use SDRAngel, then use the ZADIG driver.

Hope this helps - 73 de Marty, KN0CK