LimeSDR -- SDR Console vs. SDRAngel

I see frequent comments encouraging the use of SDRAngel. However, I have my LimeSDR working in SDR Console, Pothos, GRC, etc. But, SDRAngel doesn’t work… the device doesn’t show up as an option. I have not used Zadig to set the driver to WinUSB… When I check in Zadig, it shows the LimeSDR-USB device is currently using CYUSB3 (v Isn’t this the correct driver for the Lime? Should I set it to WinUSB? If I do, will this break any of the things I currently have working? What am I missing?

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Marty Wise WM4MW
Gloucester, Virginia, USA

If you use WinUSB then all other SDR software won’t work. Fortunately changing Windows driver is easy and quick.

So if you want to use the mini on sdrangel which driver should I choose in Zadig

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73 de Pat w3po

Not sure. I suppose WinUSB but for exact answer you must ask author of SDRAngel.


You will use the LimeSDR driver in ZADIG to replace the Cypress driver - that’s the only way to make it work. When you want to switch back to SDRConsole and the other apps that rely on the Cypress driver, you’ll have to remove the driver established for the LimeSDR in the USB chain and then plug in your LimeSDR to load the driver (Cypress driver). That’s the only way you’ll be able to use your LimeSDR since the drivers aren’t interchangeable. I speak from experience having been doing this over over 15 months now, but ever so close to just using SDRAngel full time since there appears to be no transmit development happening for SDRConsole V3.0…It’s been in the works for nearly that long, too (15+ months).

Hope this helps - 73 de Marty, KN0CK

Well thank you Marty
I will give it a try and change the driver to the winUSB and see how it fly.
I am using windows for now and I have been very interested to see it work on SDRangel which is a very intuitive piece of software,
I do have to agree with you and even though I have enjoyed SDR console nothing seems to be heading toward a transmitting option on the mini.
to finish I have been extremely interested with your work in rendering SDRangel to work on Android. I do travel quite a lot around the world and the combo smartphone and the mini is quite an exiting possibility.

73 de Pat W3PO

further test I have replaced the driver with the latest zadig version to WinUSB ver 6.1 then replug the mini and start angel but angel does not see the mini.

Or make Ubuntu partition and run SDRAngel on Ubuntu. I do on 16.04

thank you 9a4db
that was my next option.

73 de Pat W3PO

Darn it was my mistake
I just reread the thread and just realized it pertained to the limeSDR and not the LimeSDRmini. My mistake and sorry to butt in with a question which was not part of the original discussion.
Also checking on the Angel it seems the plugin is for the LimeSDR and very likely does not address the mini yet.

73 de Pat W3PO

the LimeSDR-Mini works with SDRAngel only when running in Ubuntu.


Here is the official info on the LimeSDR Mini working with SDRAngel:

Appears that the LimeMini only works with Linux as in Windows SDRAngel works with ZADIG, but there is no OsmoSDR driver for the 'Mini to work with SDRAngel using Zadig - so your only recourse is to use SDRAngel in Linux with the Mini. This is also how I used it on the Rooted Android phone, too (Ubuntu Linux).

73 de Marty, KN0CK

Thank you Marty
So Ubuntu we shall go. I previously read Edouard article but I was thinking or maybe more justly hoping there were new developments I might have missed.
Thanks to all

73 de Pat w3po retired in South of France

OK. Good to know that I need to choose between SDRangel and the other stuff. A little disappointing, but certainly not the end of the world.

Multiple boot partitions isn’t very convenient, unfortunately. I’ll probably eventually end up on ubuntu (SBC) for my final system, but for now, it’d be convenient to run it on my primary desktop (windows).

I use Hyper-V and would like to stand up an ubuntu VM. Unfortunately, Hyper-V doesn’t have any (good) option to pass the USB device through from the host to the VM. Has anyone had any experience with doing so in VMWare or Virtual Box?

Marty Wise WM4MW

VMWare Workstation Pro works nicely and you can pass/assign a USB device to the virtual machine. I have used LimeSDR in a Windows VM (as my host is Ubuntu) and it works great with USB-3. Either Linux or Windows as a host or VM but VMWare requires a license which seems to be expensive now. :frowning:

There is a fantastic bare-metal, open-source hypervisor: Xen
In Xen, you can pass/assign USB/PCIe slots to a VM (such as a GPU or a USB-3 device). In VMWare Workstation, you cannot assign a PCIe slot to a VM.