Unable to see LimeSDR in Lime Suite but USB sees it OK

OK! Forgive me as I am a complete noob with this. Installed Pothos. I hooked up the LimeSDR, It sees it on
the USB but doesn’t recognize it at all in the LimeSDR suite (not found). So I installed the Windows Driver Master
but still no joy! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



This is how i made it work under Windows:
when u see ‘LimeSDR-USB’ in device manager (default situation after connecting it to USB 3.0 port), use zadig (as far as I remeber it is installed in ‘C:\Program Files\PothosSDR\bin’ to replace the driver. Then, you need to use this driver. Just try to update it via device manager and manually specify the path to the extracted archive on your hard drive. It should update the driver and from now on the device should be seen as ‘Myriad-RF LimeSDR-USB’ in device manager. Then you should be able to detect the board in SoapySDRUtil etc.

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Thanks ccsh!
That’s step one completed! Now I will have to read the rest and figure out how to get this device to receive and transmit.
It looks like I have quite a bit of cramming to do.