UNITE7002 is Responding to SPI, but Not Configured Properly

Hello gents,

As the title says, we used to read/write from/to UNITE7002 via SPI. E.g.:

.ini content:

SPI Command:
0x80 0x23 0x55 0x59

It writes that just fine, but when we tried to get rid of the LMS Suit and USB, and sending the whole .ini content manually via SPI, we find out that the board is not configured yet!

Are we missing something? Any suggestions please?

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Hi @Fahad, if I remember correctly you need to cut/jumper some links on the LMS7002M EVB in order to drive SPI via the FMC connector. Please check the schematics.

Hello @andrewback,

Thanks for your reply, again (:
Actually we are using the 4-mode SPI Pins on J7, not using the FMC port yet (since our Altera boards have HSMC not FMC).

Just to make sure of our mechanism, in the standalone mode where there is no USB nor Lime Suit we use SPI to transmit the values of the registers in the ini file one by one, Eg.;

ini file:

This ini file is converted SPI commands as following
SPI Commands:
0x80 0x20 0xFF 0xFD
0x80 0x21 0x0E 0x9F
0x80 0x22 0x07 0xFF

As I mentioned, SPI works fine in both w/r, yet we feel these written commands are not effective and the LMS is not getting configured by that yet.

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As I wrote in your other post, you have to hold an on board USB MCU in reset state to be able to communicate via J7. There is a double switch next to the USB connector. Switch RST key to the opposite position to put MCU to reset.