Lime Suite SPI - LMS7002M protocol

We have developed our own board with the LMS7002 and I am taking the Lime chip into operation.
I can send over uart the SPI data. I would like to address our board with the LimeSuite. Now I have already downloaded and compiled the code.
The UNITE7002 board communicates with the LMS7002 chip using uart or serial port.

Where can I find the protocol used in the Lime Suite to send and receive the SPI data via UART.


Hello @Mike,

It is not a USB <-> SPI converter at UNITE7002 board. There is a MCU which takes care of the protocol between LimeSuiteGUI and MCU and only then it sends SPI commands to LMS7002M.
You said you developed your own board. Hence if you do not have the same MCU on your board as in UNITE7002, then you can not reuse our protocol.
It would be nice if you could share the schematic, SPI and USB (or UART?) related at least.

Our board can be found at

It is a FMC add on for Xilinx FPGA Boards. We use the KCU105 FPGA board.
To program/control the lime chip I wanted to use the LumeSuite GUI.
On the FPGA we have a microblaze (Softcore Microcontroller, which translates the UART -> SPI data

Yes it is no USB-> SPI converter I know.
And in the document Zipper_board_Firmware_Guide 1.00r02.pdf I have already found a part of the protocol.
In LimeSuite LMS64CCommands.h i can see more OP code ID´s.

So for me it is easier to change our Microblaze code as the LimeSuite code