Soapy Lime and Ubuntu 16.04?

Soapy Lime and Ubuntu 16.04?
Here have recent fresh Ubuntu 16.04 re-installation.
All in relation to soapy have started with SDRPlay RSP1 and Cubic 2.02 working ok
Later have installed LimeSuite, working ok,
and SDRAngel working ok with Lime and RSP1
During the installation of
have find out that LimeUtil --find can see my Lime
SoapySDRUtil --find can not see my Lime
After all trials to reinstall in accordance to known how-to instructions
like ->
still no luck :blush:

Any tips & tricks available?

The order could be a problem. You’ve also not said how you installed everything — from source or packages?

Tnx Andrew,
Lime from packages…
SDRAngel from deb package
RSP1 and osmotrx from source

Can you please suggest right order in case I like to have included -> (SDRPlay RSP1)
Pothos & GNU Radio for Lime and RSP1

Have no problem to start from clean again and build from source if necessary :slight_smile:

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@9a4db - Djani,

Look at this posting -----> LimeSDR installation from source

While this may be for a later version of Ubuntu, the sequence won’t be much different. I have a post on this and will add that as soon as I come across it (it was for Ubuntu 16.04)…Standby for more…

EDIT: Here is that link and it was for Ubuntu 16.04 ----> LimeSDR with Gqrx is working!

73 de Marty, KN0CK

when installing LimeSuite from packages, I think you also need to install lms7 support for SoapySDR:
apt-get install soapysdr-module-lms7
Maybe, you are missing it?

Done that too, no luck…

Thank you Marty…
Fact is that I managed to run smooth all of lime related on 17.04
and because of osmotrx and SDRPlay which was not able to run both RSP1
decided to try with 16.04
RSP1 doing good, but Lime and soapy no luck :smiley:

Any way must, try once more in accordance to order on your link…

Like to tnx all, now working :slight_smile:

Must be mixup on installation order…

Finally able to jump in OsmoTrx puzzle…
I see over there you are helping to make Lime live under OsmoTRX
tnx for that too :slight_smile:
BRG Djani

this is what is at the moment my major target for Lime