Cypress USB driver

After the cypress driver installation, in the device manager i can see “Cypress FX2LP No EEPROM Device”.
Is it normal ?
PS : My OS is windows 7 64bits.

Hi ritchy,

What board are you using?


Digital Interface V1.0


Have you checked de0nao repository for the necessary files:


thanks for your reply.
Well, in fact i have many questions, and please tell me if i m wrong.

  1. If i don’t use FPGA, i should be able to test LMS6002 registers? Because, there is a bug when i launch “test registers”. Sometimes, i must disconnect usb cable cause the program won’t respond after launching else it says “Fail” on all test. What s going on?
    Nothing happened on SCLK pin of the I²C to SPI chip.

  2. What s the exact purpose of FPGA? I see there are spi master, i²C slave to control lms registers but if main board does that, why using the FPGA to do the same?

I 'm sorry to ask stupid questions. : )