Using LimeSDR-USB in gnuradio for Windows

I’v got a LimeSDR-USB 1.4s which I’d like to use for windows platform. It works well in Limesuite solely. But when I started the latest gnuradio(3.10) software aims to design a flow, only found there’s no Limesuite block at all, and other block like Soapy LimeSDR source seems doesn’t work, Because I’m not able to choose any device from the Device Argument textbox, looks like the software doesn’t recognize the LimeSDR. The documents from the suggest download the gr-limesdr package which I believe just work for gnuradio 3.7, and I have tried Pothos which tells include gr-limesdr, doesn’t work with the same situation. So do I have to reverse gnuradio back to 3.7 so that gr-limesdr could work, or is there any other same kind of software could connect the LimeSDR-USB properly in windows environment? thanks.

Are you trying to use the gnuradio-companion that comes with -


Thanks,I’ll try it.