LimeSDR not receiver GNU Radio

I transmit a signal at a frequency of 433.075 Mhz (the spectrum analyzer is definitely transmitting), but it does not receive it, what should I do?

I presume you are transmitting carrier wave at 433.075MHz only with different device? Then your receive center should not be identical because in the middle of screen you will have bump (LO leakage). Change Center Freq in Soapy LimeSDR Source block.

Thank you!

Hello, I would like to know how to fill in “device arguments” in the block of “soapy limesdr source”. My GNURadio for windows does not recognize LimeSDR.

“soapy=0, device=lime”
But it’s better to try checking the connection via Lime Suite first. And check if you have drivers installed on it in the device manager

Thank you, but my GNURadio still can’t recognize LimeSDR, and that bothers me. I’ve also tried “soapy=0, driver=lime”, nothing works.

Sometime I have exotic problems with Windows when in folder names are non alphabetic Western letters. I’m using sometime 1250 code page but not in folder names.

Try in USB 3.0, because in 2.0 it may not work. Also try to test it in lime suite for reception and transmission, there are test files on this site.

This is especially true of the bigger LimeSDR-USB board, where a USB 2.0 port will almost certainly not provide enough power and may result in strange issues.

The issue has been found!
The installation guide (by radioconda) page at GNURadio@windows that the LimeSDR USB-driver needs to be replaced with “WinUSB”!
LimeSDR is now running normally on GNURadio3.10.
And “device arguments” block does not need to be filled in.