LimeSDR mini 2 and GNUradio - newbie question

I am the new happy owner of LimeSDR mini 2 board? Could somebody send me a link to some tutorial about where to find and how to install and configure the plugin for GNUradio to use LimeSDR mini2 as source and/or sink?

The only thing I found is the Soapy LimeSDR sink and source but it says:

self.soapy_limesdr_source_0 = soapy.source(dev, “fc32”, 1, ‘’,
RuntimeError: Failed to make connection with ‘’

Thanks for any help


Hi Jakub,

You can find gr-limesdr blocks here:

They haven’t been updated in a little while, so you’ll likely need to use an older GNU Radio release until we update them to the current series. That said, just spotted some PRs we need to review and merge, so you could try and build from one of those trees in the meantime.

Also make sure that you build Lime Suite from source and install this first. For the time being you’ll need to build from git master also. A new release should be coming soon.


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I tried to make the completely new installation:

  • Ubuntu 22.04 + all updates
  • LimeSuite (master) build from github source
  • GNURadio 3.10 (installed from Ubuntu package)
  • gr-limesdr (gr-3.10) build from github source

It seems that all is working properly (LimeQuickTest passed and LimeSDR Source is evidently communicating with the board, messages in GNURadio OK and LED on the board blinks red when communicating).
But there is no data stream on the LimeSDR source output (I tried just to tune RF frequency to the strong local FM radio and send output to the Waterfall sink).

Any ideas where could be the problem?