LimeSDR Mini, Windows 10, and GnuRadio 3.9

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I’ve installed a LimeSDR Mini on a Windows 10 laptop using the latest PothosSDR binary which comes bundled with Gnuradio 3.9. I’m able to run many applications (SDRSharp, SDR Console, SDR Angel) and control the module within GnuRadio using the SoapLimeSource so there’s no issue with the hardware. The thing that’s bothering me is the LimeSource blocks don’t appear in Gnuradio and I’m wondering why and if there’s a way to rectify this easily?

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The gr-limesdr blocks need updating for use with more recent versions of GNU Radio. We’re looking into completing this works. In the meantime, there is a 3.8 branch which I’m not sure of the current status, but you may wish to try.

The official LimeSource block does not support 3.9 (yet)
But it was forked and patched by chrisjohgorman
And patched fork was forked and patched by NZSmartie and a pull request sent to the official LimeSource block
And that forked fork was patched more by daniestevez

This is the code I would use if I was building my own gr-limesdr block, at least until official LimeSource block supports gnuradio 3.9.

I don’t generally compile anything on windows, so setting up your build environment might be “interesting”, I can’t give you any help with windows, sorry.

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Thanks for the info @mzs! I should have taken a look at outstanding PR and this is sounding familiar now. Will make sure the team are aware.