LimeSDR can be not recognised when connected to a PC


I have LimeSDR and trying to get started with it. I have plugged it with my PC with the USB (USB 3.0) cable that comes with it but unfortunately it my PC not able to recognize it.

Thanks for the time in Advance.


Hello @Aarti_18

This is the setup sequence I’ve used for all the involved SW:

that you can download from this page
on windows this driver is needed to have the board properly recognized

that you can download from this web folder
after this setup you can download just the LimeSuiteGUI exe file downloading the most recent one from this web folder

03-SDR-Console V3
you can download this wonderful program from this web page

you can download the files from the quick test page

I have performed this step from within the LimeSuiteGUI

I did this just because I’m working at HF frequencies. Seems not needed at other (higher) frequencies.
Instructions are at this web page

you can run the Python calibration program \PothosSDR\bin\


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@mariocannistra : Thanks for your reply. One more question, I am planning to install eNodeB Stack from OpenAirInterface using ubunut 16.04 OS. Is there any pre-requirement for the same ? Thanks In advance.

Sorry, I don’t know OpenAirInterface, but i see here a link to hw and sw requirements:

…actually…seems there are lots of details to check and set…

FINALLY, ALL the information in ONE PLACE…!! Thanks for posting that, Mario…! :slight_smile:

73 de Marty, KN0CK

Hello @martywittrock you’re welcome ! :smile:

When I install something new, I usually create separate folders with bookmarks, then I number them when I’m sure of the sequence… you know… sometimes i have to reinstall after months when changing PC or OS and… I can’t remember everything… :smile: