Cannot get Windows 7 to recognize LimeSDR

Hello, I’m new here, I just finished assembling my LimeSDR into a project box I purchased separately on e-bay and cannot get Windows 7 to recognize it in Device Manager when I plug it in. Nothing happens.

Specifically I am at the instruction:

"First time LimeSDR-USB board is connected to the PC, follow the installation procedure below.

  1. Press Start Menu , type Device Manager and press enter. Device Manager window appears.

  2. When LimeSDR-USB board is plugged in, in Device Manager it appears as LimeSDR-USB under Other devices . Right click on the LimeSDR-USB and select Update Driver Software ."

In summary, I cannot install the driver and I cannot get it to work. Any help would be appreciated.

I took the cover off and disconnected the fan and now LimeSDR-USB shows up under "Other devices. I will check for a short somewhere. This issue seems to be resolved.


Please also refer to this link ---->

73 de Marty, KN0CK