Rx LimeLight Interface using LMS7002M

I am capturing the Rx signal using the Rx LimeLight Interface in the TRXIQ mode. The port1 is setting as transmit port while port2 as receive.
The setting details as follow figures.

But there is a problem. When I used the oscilloscope to tap the Rx MCLK and Rx SEL signals, their wave form are wrong like this.

(Rx SEL)


In the same time, the DIO2 signals seem right as follow.

Please help me. I have no clue if I am setting something wrong.
@Zack @RicardasVadoklis

You are not. You are setting it both to TXIQ mode:

Thanks for your notice. After fixing this problem, I use the Chipscope Software with a Xilinx FPGA board to capture the signal. But the wave form of both I/Q brench seem wrong as follow.

I try to observe the signal of the RX PGA output with a spectrum analyzer. That signal is shown as follow.

I think this signal may be strong enough and it’s SNR is high enough to see the sine wave form.

And these follow pictures are the settings when I got this result.

Thanks for your help.