The settings of port mode selection on GUI are contrary to the corresponding register's values

Hello all,
When I debugged my LimeSDR-mini board, found the port mode selection settings of LimeLight &PAD tab on GUI is not consistent with corresponding registers’ values. When I selected LimeLight port 1 &2 TRXIQ and set the port1 &2 selection to TXIQ, pls refer to the following screemshot.

Then I save the GUI settings as a ini file, found the corresponding register bit 0x0023 [4] and 0x0023 [1] are 1s, if these bits are 1s, it proves that they worked in RXIQ mode, in fact, we chose the TXIQ mode. Meanwhile, If I choose RXIQ mode on GUI, the corresponding register bit 0x0023 [4] and 0x0023 [1] are 0s, very strange.

I think this should be a bug.

Could you pls help me to check it and give me a response? Thanks!

@Ricardas Jonaitis
@Zydrunas Tamosevicius

Indeed the GUI value names don’t match what is in register description.

@Zack Can you confirm if the register description is correct and GUI needs fixing?