Ringing on clk line

I’m using LMS6002 with Myriad RF1 and tried to setup it in standalone mode, using Arduino micro for SPI connection.
So everything’s working fine if I do write commands. But if I try to read registers on the LMS6002, there is no answer at the first sight. But viewing the SPI lines on a oscilloscope delivers some more information. For me the signal on the MISO line seems to crosstalk on the clockline. That again brings LMS6002 to see the next edge and send the next signal.

Is there anybody who had the same problem or can help?

The problem occures in both SPI modes. Both MOSI and MISO seem to crosstalk to clockline, but only if LMS6002 is talking.

Thank you for your help. Is there any possibility to upload pictures of the osci?

Hello m.herrmann,

It quite unusual problem. Are you sure you are not mixing the SPI lines?

This forum is not able to upload the pictures. You can you dropbox, and share the link for us.