We’re can i send my lime sdr for repair?
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Now that one can’t buy a new LimeSDR. then I would be nice, to know who support a repair. Some one must know a shack were I can send a board for repair, or at least try, to see if the part can be orderd for a fix up.

I was just about to start a new thread to ask about this. One of my LimeSDR Mini’s has a problem with the gateware and I would like to send it somewhere to get it fixed.

This is the post I wrote about my issue.

Lime Microsystem please have your skilled guys take some days to help people fix them highly beloved modules.
It is not all the parts that can´t be bought anymore.
So please help us or shame on you, taken our money and say no more lifetime.
I have asked North south left and right but all say NO we can’t fix your FPGA radio modules, and i understand, it is a mouth full for the first repair, if you never had your fingers in a lime module before but hell, we are a lot of customers with over volted, broken transfos, bad HF optimations, and broken jacks etc.
So HELP us please.