LIME SDR is not working anymore

Since a few weeks my LIMESDR is not working anymore. I have tryed new cable / other PC
nothing helps

Thanks and best regards

What platform are you trying to get it working on?

We’ll need a bit more info to help debug. What O/S and Lime Suite etc. versions? Ideally if you could test on a Linux computer and provide the output from:


LimeUtil --find

SoapySDRUtil --find

Hello Andrew

Since 24. of April i got no more news from you.

I have to admit i dont like this!!!
I just want to know were i have to send my LIMESDR for repair.

Best regards

Hello Andrew

Since more the a week I m waiting for an answer from you.

What s going on???

best regards

Alexandra Stucki

On Tue, Apr 24, 2018 at 5:07 PM, Lexa Stucki wrote:
Hello Andrew
Yes the board has been working since I have received it.

Since that day it s not working anymore I have tryed to connect it to various computers using various cables.

But no luck no LED comes on

Thanks and best regards

Andrew Back schrieb am Di., 24. Apr. 2018, 16:58:
Hi Lexa,

Was the board working when you received it? Are you saying now that no
LEDs come on, regardless of trying it with different computers and cables?



On 24/04/18 16:29, Lexa Stucki wrote:


my simple question is

How takes care of broken LIMSDR s

where do I need to send it?

best regards

Alexandra Stucki

On Thu, Apr 19, 2018 at 9:27 AM, Lexa Stucki <> wrote:

Hi on windows or on Ubuntu. The device is not recognized on any
system!!!!!! The led are not activ!!!!!!! 
Regards Aley

A.R.S < <>> schrieb am
Mi., 18. Apr. 2018, 10:09:

    April 18

    What platform are you trying to get it working on?


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