USB-connector falls off the board!

Hi, I had a lot of trouble with my LimeSDR, such that I had put the board on the side and went on with my pluto sdr. The problem was the device crashed regularly. Sometimes I had to put it on several times before I was able to receive something. When working, it worked very good by the way…
A few days ago I took the Lime from the bow to try it again, with no luck, and all of a sudden I had the USB connector in my hand!
I am unable to solder such small things, at my age my eyes and hands are not good enough anymore(I turn 78 later this yer…). So my question: how can I contact MyriadRF to arrange for a repair? Maybe I am stupid and blind, but I could not find a way to contact them.
Thanks for any help I can get.
Freddy, ON7VQ

Hi Freddy,

I am sorry to hear this and I’m afraid we don’t offer a repair service.

Which version of LimeSDR board do you have?

Sorry for my late reply, it is the LimeSDR-USB version 1.4
Tnx for guidance.
Freddy, ON7VQ