Problems with LimeSDR mini

@Zack I received the USB Blaster clone.
This evening I hope to test the update procedure.
Quick update/info for those interested:

  1. the device I received does not have the ALTERA logo like it had in the online shop image instead. No big surprise at this point :slight_smile: It’s a clone.
  2. there was a small piece of plastic inside the USB A plug preventing it from properly inserting. Promptly removed :slight_smile:
  3. got “Access denied” error when I tried to install the Altera USB Blaster device driver. I had to disable the “driver signature enforcement” in order to install the device driver. Reboot after that or you will crash when running other sw.
  4. the device driver files can be found in the installation directory of “Quartus Prime standalone programmer” that I previously installed.
  5. the USB blaster is then recognized/listed in Quartus Prime Programmer

now I’m ready for next steps with cable adapter/header to try and reprogram the FW.

Some pictures below about the chips inside the USB Blaster and the Quartus Programming sw.