How to recover LimeSDR Mini V2.0

I have been asked to revive a new LimeSDR Mini V2.0, there was an attempt made to update its firmware via the BATC Portsdown project, and now the Mini is not functional, even the green/red LED is not flashing any sequence.
LimeSuite identifies the device is connected to the PC and is able to get the serial number, however once you are connected to it, it shows the following
[12:26:27] ERROR: TransferPacket: Write failed (ret=-1)
[12:26:27] INFO: Connected Control port: UNKNOWN FW:0 HW:15 Protocol:0 GW:0.0 Ref Clk: -0.00 MHz

Which LimeSuite version is correct for the Mini V2.0. The version that is loaded by Pothos is 20.10.0 however I have found a version 22.09.

When trying to use the Programming option from LimeSuite in no longer has the automatic option available, instead asking for a file for FPGA or FX3 with RAM / FLASH / Reset options.

Where do I find the latest FPGA or FX3 files for the LimeSDR Mini V2.0

I’m suspecting I am going to have to program the FPGA directly once I have the necessary files, however is the equipment needed and process the same?

At present you need to build from git master and not check out any specific release, as one hasn’t been made yet which has Mini v2 support.

For now:

Until a new Lime Suite release is made and then the bitstream is published to the corresponding directory on the downloads server. Note that there is no FX3 firmware (neither Mini v1 or v2 has one).

Tagging @Zack to advise.

Hi @vk5bd,
As an addition to @andrewback, here you will find instructions on how to program LimeSDR Mini v2 board:

Thank you gentlemen for the information I will see how I go and get back to you

So that seemed to be successful, however @Zack, the instructions are a little ambiguous in places:

In the Flash programming section, the Programming file: points to a LimeSD_Mini_LED_Blink_impl1.bit which I was unable to locate and instead used lms7_trx_preflash_gw.bit

When it came to “FPGA programming using Lattice Diamond software” procedure, opening the archived project created all the file lists, however when I found the correct *sram.xcf file the file to be programmed pointed at a non existent directory so I had to navigate to the correct directory to find the file to be programmed.

Then when I went to do the “FPGA Flash programming” I used the other *.xcf file, it also pointed to a non existent directory and once I had corrected that I was getting an ID Error, this was fixed by cycling power on the LimeSDR. Maybe cycling power needs to inserted into the instructions after each step as some people are very cautious about cycling power during a programming stage if not told to do so.

Anyway, the LimeSDR is now reporting “LimeSDR-Mini_v2 FW:8 HW:5 Protocol:1 GW:2.1 Ref Clk: 40.00 MHz” via the LimeSuite, which is what I first saw when I was orginally asked to check the device out, the owner of the LimeSDR has now been told by the developer of the Portsdown project that the firmware’s, particularly the Lime DVB firmware, is incompatible with the new Mini v2


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We’re in communication with Dave and I understand that Portsdown is now working with Mini v2, though not sure if it’s been released yet. There was some initial confusion over the fact that the v2 board was advertised as being “plug compatible”, when it in fact is, but only if you update Lime Suite. Which reminds me that we need to get the Crowd Supply page updated to clarify this.

Thanks for the feedback on flash programming. @Zack could you update the documentation?

Hi @vk5bd,

What Lattice Diamond software version have you used?

Hello @Zack, I downloaded what I think is the latest, 3.12