Limesdr update for gnuradio 3.9

Is there any update to use lime-sdr in gnuradio 3.9 ?

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In theory anyone, even you, could fork the existing source code and then modify the code to get it working correctly with gnuradio-3.9 and submit a pull request.

And if you go to the official gr-limesdr repository and look there is a pending pull requests or if you the read issue #75 the source code was forked by chrisjohgorman who patched the master branch (which was the gnuradio 3.7 branch) to hopefully work with gnuradio 3.9 with more code updates by NZSmartie. Looking at both forks I’d say that the chrisjohgorman one which accepted a pull request from NZSmartie and updated the file with the new dependency requirements is probably the most up to date of the two, but not by much.

The pull request should probably have been submitted as a new gr-3.9 branch. And the code in the existing master branch migrated to a new gr-3.7 branch for everything to be logical. And the master branch should be used for working on gr-3.10 and migrated to a new gr-3.10 branch when eventually ready. And probably the “master” branch should be renamed to be the “main” branch, as is currently the standard for all new repositories created on github.

But there is currently code on github that in theory you could test right now and report back on github if it works for your hardware (which is a LimeSDR-??? because the people who wrote the patches probably do not own all the hardware to test all the devices) or if there were problems report that, probably best to report the success/failure to the official myriadrf/gr-limesdr repository in issue #75:
Support for GNURadio 3.9.x #75. It might help push someone into reviewing the code and possibly accepting, or rejecting, the current pull request.

EDIT: I should probably add that since the update was to the the gr-3.7 branch (which is understandable, because I personally would have assumed that the master branch would contain code for gnuradio 3.8 by default), there may be some added features and functions in the gr-3.8 branch that are missing from 3.7 branch that was patched to 3.9. It will probably require someone well versed in the gr-3.8 branch to create a new gr-3.9 branch merged with the distilled essence of the work done by the chrisjohgorman and NZSmartie.