Gnu-radio v3.9.0.0 released

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I expect that there will be problems ahead, at least for a while, until there is a gr-3.9 branch of gr-limesdr. I’ve not tried it yet, maybe it will just work as is, but what are the odds of that ?

EDIT: After seeing the changes that were pushed to the gr-osmosdr master branch for gr-osmosdr to function correctly with gnuradio 3.9, I am sure that the gr-3.8 branch of gr-limesdr will not work without changes.

EDIT: The good news is that the default-install using pybombs, at least right now, is pointing to gnuradio 3.8. If that changes, the temporary workaround would be to install gnuradio 3.8. e.g. “pybombs install gnuradio38
Right now you would need to use “pybombs install gnuradio-master” to encounter lots of new and unexpected problems. But it is only a matter of time until the default for gnuradio is changed from the maint-3.8 branch to the maint-3.9 branch, I expect any delay is from quashing bugs.