Status of gr-limesdr and LimeSDR Mini 2.0 in GNU Radio

Hello all,

I’ve been doing some reading through the forums and guides and I’m a bit confused. It seems that LimeSDR blocks are only supported through GNU Radio 3.7 (maybe 3.8 according to the github repo), but I need to use GNU Radio for a class and projects. I currently am trying to run this on a Lime Mini 2.0 which is introducing other headaches with software compatibility/updates.

Can anyone comment on the status of using Lime with GRC: Do you use an old version of GRC? The Soapy (or osmo, but idk how to use this) Source? Any suggestions for a best course of action or how you are able to use the Lime as a source in GNU Radio would be greatly appreciated. I am aware of being able to run old versions of GRC through docker as well, but this would hopefully be a last resort if there’s no other workarounds (I want to use a newer version of GNU radio if possible).

Moving forwards we will be maintaining the gr-limesdr blocks as part of the new Lime Suite NG driver stack. This is still in heavy development, but you can find documentation at:

This will be updated over time, with in particular more developer documentation. However, if you’re using gr-limesdr and not the native API, you shouldn’t really notice any difference.