LimeSDR-Mini / PothosSDR (GQRX - CubicSDR) - Windows

Has anybody been able to get GQRX & or CubicSDR (the one that comes with PothosSDR;O=D) under windows ?

LimeSuite - Works

LimeQuickTest - Works

Cubicsdr - Only has 100khz and 65mhz bandwidth available both don’t work properly, even selecting manual bandwidth does not work.

Gqrx - Board gets detected in drop down but pressing play nothing happens.

Working under windows 10 , using cubicsdr and gqrx , set bandwidth to 2M max . don’t forget to select the right antenna LNAW or other

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Seems that extension cables matter - was using a USB2 one and changed to it USB3 and now it works.

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LOL! Yeah, gotta watch that one as well. I did the same thing for about a week.

running ubuntu 18.04.1 64bit and have CubicSDR 0.2.3 (through apt). i also have appimages of 0.2.4 and 0.2.5
can only select 100khz and 65mhz sample rates.

i heard someone say it works on windows 10.
thats great for windows people but what about linux?

Here using Cubic 0.2.2 on Ubuntu 16.04 and Win10
sample rates sometimes can make unpredictable outcome… :wink: