LimeSDR mini on Windows 7 connectivity issue

I am trying to work with my LimeSDR mini. I have followed the steps.

  1. Connected the LimeSDR mini to USB port on my desktop. Downloaded the window- driver-master, and tried to update the driver. But it says that Windows already has the best driver for this and listed in device manager as shown in the picture.

  2. Downloaded the latest version of Pothos ‘PothosSDR-2018.04.26-vc14-x64’ and installed it.

  3. Ran Zadig 2.3 and installed the driver.

  4. Then, ran Lime Suite GUI but it says “Disconnected Control port”

Please, Help me out here. I tried the steps with my laptop (Windows 7), but the same issue is there too.


Hi @Nazia,

Could you connect LimeSDR-Mini and paste Device Manager print screen with LimeSDR-Mini device, please.

Hi Zack,

Here is it. It recognizes as ‘LimeSDR mini’ as soon as I plug it in, even before the Zadig run.



Update: LimeSDR mini doesn’t have a proper driver in windows 7. So I had to upgrade to Windows 10. for working with this.