Limesdr mini no longer shows up on USB3

Seems to work fine on usb2 but dosen’t even show up in device manager when connected to usb3
Other usb3 devices work in same port.
Any ideas or suggestions as to what has happened and/or fixing it?

Well this just got wierder it worked with usb3 on a second computer but after a while it is only usb2 as well

Some USB 3.0 host chipsets can be problematic. Trying different computers and/or cables often helps.

Well that is what i did and it worked for a while and then also usb2 and dosen’t show up on second usb3 at all.

so PC1 has worked before fine both win10 and Debian now no longer shows up on either usb3 but works in usb2 ports.
PC2 Worked for a while in both usb3 ports now only works in one as usb2.

i wont be plugging it in in any usb3 ports anymore im worried its gonna fry something.
So i guess it is only to be used if i ever need 2Ghz --> upward rx