Challenges with lime sdr usb 3.0

I have 2 limeSDR’s. both of which are FX3 modules and are supposed to work with USB 3.0.
i have tried connecting with 3 different usb cables on 4 different computers(2 are windows based and the other 2 ubuntu 16.0/18.04). I can confirm the usb ports tested are working and they are all USB 3.0 ports. the pc’s are intel nuc’s i7’s and the 2 laptops are lenovo X1 carbon and hp folio 9470m. The limesdr’s do not work on any of them when i use any of the 3 USB 3.0 cables.
Also when i connect the lime directly to theses pc it does not work at all; not detected by any but 1 even in that case it shows as usb 2.0.
The only time the lime works is when connected with a USB 2.0 extension cable.
Can somebody please assist me. I’m am not sure what to do now.