LimeSDR USB connection issues

I used supplied USB connection cable in order to connect my LimeSDR to PC.
When I connect LimeSDR, PC shows in some cases USB 3.0, in some cases USB 2.0.
What can be the cause for such behaviour?
I tried both Windows and Linux PC, situation is the same.
Yes, I use USB3.0 ports.
Yes, I updated firmware.

If you are running the latest FX3 firmware and FPGA gateware, I am not sure, although it may possibly be USB 3.0 chipset related.

Can it be troubleshooted? For example, can I check some logs by USB library in order to understand the root cause?

I’m not sure to be honest, but do know that some chipsets have proved problematic. For example, I have an old Thinkpad with what must be very early USB 3.0, which does not play well at all.