For Sale: LimeSDR (see note)

I am selling my preproduction LimeSDR. $200, shipped. Please read the following before asking further questions:

This is a preproduction board shipped in 2016 (I am It has half the MCU RAM of the production boards. This means that, eventually, the firmware grew large enough that the most current firmware/gateware combos will not load on this board. The last fw/gw version that is loaded and I know works:

Gateware 2 version 6
Firmware 3

The lastest Pothos release that works out of the box is 2017.05.02.

Documented here: [specific to preproduction 1.4 boards] limesdr issues with recent firmware

This board is in excess to my needs (I have a production board and multiple minis) in otherwise good working condition. It is in an aluminum case, the board is mounted to the case through thermally conductive silicone along the entire face of the board. The board is modded for better HF reception (see this post:

Let me know if you have any questions,