Current status of LimeSDR-PCIe

Hello everyone,

According to the information on site the Ultimate LimeSDR With PCIe Interface is no longer available. So far I haven’t found other markets where to buy the board. Unfortunately, I didn’t find any comments and clarifications what does it mean.

Could anybody help me to realize:

  • is it possible to buy the board now?
  • will it be possible to buy the board in the nearest future?
  • the reason why it is no longer available (does it mean that LimeSDR-PCIe is an unsuccessful solution)?
  • are there any alternatives (transceiver with PCI-e interface)?

Thank in advance!

P.S. I’m a beginner and I haven’t had experience with SDR boards and crowdfunding. So probably I miss something obvious.

Could you be more specific on what exactly board do you mean. It would be nice if you could post a link to the information you are referring to.

Hello Zack,

Could you be more specific on what exactly board do you mean.

Please find below links on the board that I mean:

Unfortunately, doesn’t allow me to get a direct link on the PCIe board, so you need to scroll down the page to find it. Please see attached screenshot.

Please, let me know if some other information is required.

Hi @Gluttton,

I would suggest to reach our marketing team by

@Zack @Gluttton I’m looking into this and will post here once I know more.

Hi @Zack and @andrewback,

Thank you for the prompt reply and support!

OK, I’ll keep it in mind.

Understood, I’ll wait for updates here.

I’ve been advised that LimeSDR PCIe is not presently a stock item and the MOQ is 20 units.

Hi @andrewback,

Thank you for the information!

Just one additional question to be sure that I understand correctly.
Does it mean that a whole MOQ has to be ordered by one customer via Or a MOQ can be shared between several customers via

I’m almost sure that the first option is the right answer (because there is no way how to make a pre-order via But I would be grateful if you clarified this.

Thank you in advance!

I think the MOQ could be shared if you gathered together the orders. I imagine CS could then process payment in groups, but would have to check. The problem with just openly accepting pre-orders via the website is that payment is taken and you don’t know when the MOQ for manufacturing will be hit.

Hi @andrewback,


I’d like to emphasize that it is not possible to make a payment for this board via CS at all. If I press the “Pre-order” button for the " Ultimate LimeSDR With PCIe Interface" board CS automatically removes it from my card and doesn’t allow to proceed with the payment (please see attached screenshot). That’s why I asked my previous question about how to order the MOQ.

At the same time, I’m able to make pre-order for other LimeSDR items, for example, " Hacker Case" (see screenshot).

But the question about ordering is not so important so far. The essential question was is it possible to buy this board at all, and you have answered this question.

Thanks again!

Hello everyone,

Below an update for persons who are interested in LimeSDR PCIe version.

It seems that CrowdSupply resumes preordering of the LimeSDR PCIe!