QPCIe LimeSDR Availability or Production

Hi folks!

I came into my interest in LimeSDR a little bit late, and with a project that’s pretty aggressive.

I’m looking to acquire a LimeSDR QPCIe v1.2; it doesn’t seem that they are still available on CrowdSupply, and my requests through the contact form there over the last month or so have yielded no reply. Will there be another production run for sale?

I also noticed that some of the parts are obsolete or no longer available through the vendors indicated by the BOM; will there be a new HW rev?

Are they still available independently of the limenet core? I have already a nice top of the line gaming pc and don’t want to pay 4x the cost of the SDR for another.

If not, is there some way I can be connected with the manufacturer who did the last production run? I know some folks also interested in acquiring a unit, and might consider collecting funding for a new run, but I’m new to the nuance of RF board manufacturing and don’t want to work out unnecessary kinks if it is possible to work with a company already manufacturing this board.

I would also buy one or more if anyone is looking to sell theirs.