Failed after 3 days of continous operation (LIMESDR-USB)

We are trying to use the LIMESDR-USB as a test signal generator for our Lab.
We placed it into a 1U Rackmount Server which operates with Windows 10.
The LIMESDR-USB is connected to the motherboard USB3 headers.
After 3 days of operation, the LIMESDR-USB v.1.4 stops being recognized by LIMESUITE.
Restarting the Server didn’t help. Only after turning the power off and on again, the LIMESDR-USB was recognized.
We had to reprogram the Unit to make it work properly.

So as we plan to use this setup unattended and maybe convert it into a professional product, can we somehow restart it programmaticaly?

Has anybody seen such a behaviour?

Thanks in advance…

Can it be stuck in the bootloader mode after 3 days of operation?
If the Jumper J17 gets loose, can this happen? Should we solder the jumper permanently?
Is there a way to reset the FX3 IC?
Any thoughts?

What do you use for the cooling of the board? LimeSDR-USB board is full of features but it is very small for better heat dispersion.

We have placed Heatsinks on top of the LMS7002M and the FPGA.

For 24/7 operation you need much better cooling. I was experimenting with thick conductor gum above and below board plus small fan above LM7002M and FPGA. Excessive heat produces also voltage regulator and because small PCB dimension FPGA and LMS7002M are additionally heated. Massive housing could also help.

Do you have any Pictures? Did you measure the Temperature?

BTW Limesuite never reads anything above 50 C.
Is this related to something else than temperature?

Conductive gum is from old high power WiFi access point. Unfortunatelly I do not have any picture. It is 5mm thick.
About board temperature: during LimeSuite library development function for reading board temperature changed. To be absolutely sure use infrared thermometer.