DVB and sensor data streaming via LimeSDR

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I m newbie to SDR realm. I want to develop a robotic project which transmits RPI webcam + sensor data and receives commands from a remote console via LimeSDR mini in same time on the Raspberry pi 4. Also I must use range of 868-915 MHz due to environment conditions. I have seen some examples using gnuradio and DVB-S2 but I m not sure whether The SDR is suitable for such a project or not. As a result Can I implement things I mentioned above in same time or else Should I look for other platforms ? If you shed light me it would be appreciated! thanks for your kindly helps.

You can certainly use an RPi to transmit DVB and for a turnkey example see Portsdown. For a more minimal version see dvbsdr. In both cases you can use a special gateware/firmware on LimeSDR Mini which reduces USB throughput and processing required on the RPi.

To simultaneously transmit and receive you could take the second project linked as a starting point and modify it, so that instead of using the limesdr_send binary to open the SDR device for transmit only, the LimeStream executable from lime-tools is used instead. Actually, looking at this it is presently transmit or receive and so this would need modifying also in order to do both at the same time.

I could be wrong, but guessing that the special DVB gateware doesn’t implement receive support, so if this is the case and you want to use the same SDR for transmit and receive, you’d need to use stock gateware.

You could use something GNU Radio based instead, but an approach built on leansdr is much more minimal and in use with a lot of radio amateurs for video communications via the QO-100 satellite.

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Thank you so much Andrew. it s great info!. I will consider.