Video Transmit By Using GR-LimeSDR Mini

I try to transmit a video file to another video file over RF.
We have 2 limeSDR Mini board but I used 1 board both TX and RX ( full duplex operation ) to transfer video. Is it suitable for LimeSDR Mini board ?
The source video file can be run with gstreamer, but received video file can not be run with gstreamer.
It seems data is not transferred correctly.

GNURadio flow graph is

Do I need to modify GNURadio graph or calibration settings of the board?

Please advice.

Thats doing it the hard way. Try it with SDRAngel software.

or if you need to do it with GNU Radio

I will try with sdrangel. But it seems limesdr board is used for just transmitting video signal. We need to receive video signal also with limesdr.

I am using vmware 15 player virtual machine can detect limesdr but sdr angel can not detect limesdr mini board

Sdrangel works fine on Windows 10. As always, Linux is more work. You’ll need a top end PC when using VMware as I doubt you’ll get the bandwidth necessary. My I7 dosnt give more than a few MHz bandwidth without problems when using VMware.

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