LimeSDR mini MMDVM

Is it possible to use the LimeSDR mini as a MMDVM using Pi-Star or other software?

MMDVM mainly requires a processor such as Pi. The Transceiver only needs be quite simple. There are many cheap multi channel Transcievers you can add to do this. Such as


LimeSDR mini is complete overkill for this purpose. You could get a complete solution such as sharkrf openspot2 for the same price. Having said that, nothing stopping you from trying to code it yourself…

Yes, it is possible to use MMDVM with the LimeSDR-mini. Here is a 7 channel DMR transmitter (actual device is a LimeNET-micro but it should work exactly the same with the mini)

And measured DMR MER (the adjustment is still WIP):

Tested so far DMR, YSF, M17 with MMDVM.