LimeSDR mini and leandvb

I’m trying to make my LimeSDR mini work with leandvb to replace an R820T2 dongle.
Any pointers as to what I need to do ?

Regards Tim

This is the pipeline we used in DVB demos, courtesy of Evariste, F5OEO:

mkfifo videots
mkfifo fifo.264
#rtl_sdr -p 20 -g 35 -f 1245000000 -s 1000000 - |tee > &
sudo ./limerx -s 1000 -f 1245000 -g 80 -t u8|tee > &
./leandvb.embedded --cr 7/8 --sr 500000 -f 1000000 -d  >videots < &
./kisspectrum -i -t u8 -s 1000000 -r 25 &
ts2es -video videots fifo.264 &
./hello_video.bin fifo.264 

Just put the above in a shell script and assumes all those binaries are available, course. Mostly from:

(left commented out rtl_sdr command in place to show where it got replaced)

Thanks Andrew, just what I was looking for - I missed that when I was looking at his code pages.

BTW, awaiting rma for my suspect unit - hope I used the right channel / method to contact Crowdsupply

Regards Tim