Tx calibration don't work mcu error 5

Hello everybody,

I received my new limeSdr mini this morning :slight_smile: but unfortunately i already have a problem.

After updating my lime with “limeutil --update”, I wanted to calibrate my lime through LimeSuitGui.
It returns this error

Error: Tx Calibration: MCU error 5 (Loopback signal weak: not connected/insufficient gain?). I know that the lime do the calibration on the fly but this problem appears also when I want to use it in Gnuradio. The same error pops up.

I haven’t found the source of this problem, does anyone have a solution?

Thank you :slight_smile:

PS: the limesdr mini is connected by to LimeSuitGui. I work on Ubuntu 16.04.

Why? This manual process is really only for when working in LimeSuiteGUI, e.g. for development purposes. In normal use with applications and GNU Radio etc. the driver will automatically do this for you.

Yes that why I thought too but my first try was to use it directly to gnuradio and this error apprears to my gnuradio consol. then I moved to LimeSuitGui to check the calibration.
Where can I resovle this problem?

thank you

@samv My LimeSDR was also running into an issue where I would constantly see that same message. Take a look at my thread. It turns out my device has a hardware issue. Not sure what to do at this point. It seems to me that my problems also started after doing a firmware update. Not sure if they are related.

LimeSDR mini needs different register settings than full sized LimeSDR to operate correctly.
In LimeSuiteGUI try to:

  1. connect to LimeSDR mini
  2. press “Default” button near top of the GUI window
  3. try to calibrate
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Thanks for your answer @ricardas and @jslatten!
I did the solution of Ricardas and erverything works fine now!
Fortunately my problem was not hardware as jslatten mentionned.ouuf!

Thank you very much!


I’ve followed the instructions in this thread and I get the same issue. Is there any other resolution to this problem?

mine also is showing this same behavior after i did ‘LimeUtil --update’ and it updating to 1.29.rpd

mine was working perfect before and i have not used it in any strange way.
only happening after that auto update.

Following these steps solves the error when I’m connected to the device via LimeSuiteGui. When I disconnect and reconnect, the issue appears again. Is there some saving of calibration required and if so how do you do it? Thanks