Single LimeSDR as Transceiver

Hi Andrew @andrewback,

Appreciate your suggestions in this topic.

I know LimeSDR mini operates in full duplex mode and can transmit and receive at the same time.

Just wondering, what configurations or settings I need to make it happen. Recently I’m trying to implement a FM transceiver using gnuradio where I want to use one limeSDR mini to receive and transmit FM. But it’s not working.

once I start the flow graph, only limesdr source initialized and for sink it throws error ‘device 0 is busy’

this is the flow graph that I am working on

I’m trying to achieve this implementation

Could you please share some insights.

Your transmitter has some problems. The gnuradio example “gnuradio/examples/limesdr/FM_transmitter.grc” works very nicely. I pulled one of my FM receivers into the project and it transmitted to itself.

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I’m new to SDR world. Learning something everyday. Not sure what was wrong yesterday morning. One of the limesdr even failed firmware update few times. had to reset via limesuite gui. Tried this morning with second lime mini…I can see now both transmitter and receiver is working properly with single lime, no ‘device busy’ error in the console log :smiley:

You’ve been a great help, Thanks so much :blush: