Running two LimeSDR Mini in parallel on same machine


I am trying to run TX and RX simultaneously by connecting to two USB ports on same machine.I tried running two sessions of GNURadio and each session running TX and RX with different LimeSDR Mini. However the terminal crops up following error:
libusb (udev_hotplug_error): udev action bind ignoring

I am unable to receive any data in spite of TX transmitting continuously. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Also can we implement CSMA/TDMA on the FPGA present in LimeSDR Mini??


Not sure what youre aiming to achieve. Limesdr mini can do Tx and Rx at the same time with just one device.

I know that LimeSDR Mini can support transceiver but here I am trying to make two LImeSDR Mini’s to communicate with each other. Specifically, I am trying to run TX and RX on two separate LimeSDR Mini’s attached to the same host PC for DSP. So I want the LimeSDR Mini running as TX to transmit packets which can be captured by the RX running on another LimeSDR Mini.

Using what software? GNU Radio? Your own app with LMS API, or maybe SoapySDR API?

The FPGA isn’t very large on the Mini, but you should be able to look up the specs for the MAX10 part and then ascertain whether your design would fit on it.

My bad… I am using GNURadio for implementing the BPSK TX and RX flowgraph on Ubuntu. I am specifying the device id in LimeSDR Source and Sink blocks so that when I run two sessions of GNURadio each TX and RX connects with the specified device id.

Thanks for the clarification.

@Garmus, anything to suggest given this is using gr-limesdr?