Can not use a limesdr to tramsmit and receive simutaneously

hi i wanna use a limesdr to transmit and receive signals simutaneously. the flow is as follows:

there is an error in the console: unable to find device.

Does anybody know whats wrong with my graph?

thanks a lot

I don’t know, if it is your problem or if it makes a difference, but the send has a 2M sample rate, while the receive has a 1M sample rate.

I think transmitting and receiving are two channels for limesdr. then i can use two sample rate.
Maybe the error is from the identifying device. It seems that when transmitting graph run, it finds the devivce and occupies the device. Then when the receiving graph runs, the process for finding device is run again. but the device is using by the transmitting graph. then error happens. I dont know how to deal with it…

I can transmit and receive simultaneously with a LimeSDR Mini using SdrGlut anywhere except on Windows. Are you trying to do this on Windows ?