Simulating ADPD in ModelSim


We wanted to simulate the ADPD RTL implementation found in GitHub - myriadrf/LimeADPD: Lime Adaptive Digital Predistortion in ModelSim. We found the adpd .vhd files but are unable to simulate them as we don’t know whereabouts of testbenches or input files.
Can someone help us with the steps/ let us know about tcl/tk file whichc will help?

Thank You


The complete implementation is given, not the simulation testbench.
The Lime ADPD is realized on Lime SDR boards, specified on the site. The pre-distorter is described in VHDL (the part of a FPGA gateware) while post-distorter is implemented as a C/C++ software. There are links to gateware and software parts of a project, therefore, project can be downloaded and on these boards. There are no files dedicated to simulation.

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Thanks for clarifying, @bjovanovic.

@KCHFstech, we would be interested in contributions of testbenches, as others without access to hardware could benefit from these.

@bjovanovic, I understand. Thank you for the prompt reply.

Hello @andrewback

Currently we are busy with another project. In the future if we work on testbenches, we’ll be willing to contribute.

Thank you for your response.