Deploying custom designs for limeSDR mini's FPGA


I am trying to learn to build and implement custom dsp modules on the LimeSDR mini device as a part of a research project and I found that, the documentation for building and deploying gatewares is almost non-existent.

To begin with, I tried to design a simply blinky led and deploy it using the LimeSuiteGUI.

Here is what I know/have tried so far:

  • Design a simple blinking led in the Quartus-prime software. (Simulation worked after I removed the PLL block.)
  • Assigned pins in the pin planner as per the schematic (Led red and green are : B9 and D8) with pin type as Output, LVCMOS 3.3V .
  • I used FT_CLK as the clock source. (100 MHz)
  • Once the compilation succeeds, generate a .rpd file from the .sof using the convert programming file option (single page with internal configuration)
  • Program the fpga using the LimeSuite
  • Reset FPGA.

Unfortunately the above does not seem to be working. Am I missing something here?