The LimeMicrosystems page about LimeADPD ( ) claims it is a fully open source solution, including the RTL implementation.

“Open source
Lime Microsystems fully open source solution for PA linearisation is based on adaptive digital pre-distortion (ADPD). The FPGA RTL and host software sources can be found on GitHub. For more in-depth technical details, please see the wiki page.”

However, looking at the github directory while FPGA bitstreams are available, I do not see any RTL code, and the project repository mainly contains .c/.cpp files. Do you intend to actually share the RTL code and comply with the open source statement? Otherwise I would suggest you should skip the “fully open source” claim from the web page.

We already have:

You can load this in Quortus or use something like unqar to extract if you don’t have the vendor tools.

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Ok, thank you for the reply, and sorry for my ignorance.
Is there a particular reason for not sharing directly the RTL code ?

Assuming I ‘unqar’ the code, am I allowed to share it in a different github repository, mentioning this project as the original source ?

I think it was just convenient to package as a Quortus archive and you’ll need this to build it in any case. I’ll see if we can expand it, so that the project is browsable.

The Lime Micro copyright sources are provided under Apache 2.0, as per the COPYING file in the repo root. As the README notes, this does not extend to files provided/generated by the tools.

OK thank you very much for your clear and efficient replies!