Question about implementing ADPD on LimeSDR-USB

Hello, I am currently in a capstone project group with the goal of using DPD to linearize signals through a GaN PA. We are using the LimeSDR-USB along with GNURadio to generate a signal.

Recently, we have come across this LimeADPD project:
Along with its Github repo:

This looks like excellent work, and we would like to try it out on our LimeSDR. However, we are having trouble flashing the Cypress FX3 firmware and programming the FPGA of the LimeSDR-USB, because the project was done using the PCIe variant.

Any help or advice in getting this to work on the LimeSDR-USB would be much appreciated. Thank you!

LimeADPD is for use with the LimeSDR QPCIe (4x4 MIMO) and will not work with other LimeSDR variants.