Programming failed! LimeSDR-mini

I have three LimeSDR-Mini boards that are experiencing issues

Please provide instructions for the RMA process.

  1. One is unable to set the receive frequency bellow or at 30 MHz: ERROR: SetFrequencySXR(30 MHz) - cannot deliver frequency
  2. One is unable to program the Firmware
    a) I have tries to program firmware on Ubuntu 18.04, and Windows 10 and Windows 7
    b) the only programming that does not fail is the application from this link: LimeSDR Mini Programming failed - Help or RMA please
  3. One fails LimeQuickTest. It fails the RF Loopback Test.

I wonder what is lowest frequency for your Mini board? If you can get 35-40Mhz for example it will allow HF operation.

LimeSDR-mini #1 fails bellow 30.05 MHz. I’m more interested in the frequencies bellow 30 MHz, so this is a non-starter.

30MHz is minimum on SXR page but if your board can be set to 31MHz just add 1MHz to NCO calculation algo and HF (down to 10MHz) will work!

I don’t want to modify the software (including the stable LimeSuite software) so that this one board works. I have two LimeSDR-Mini boards that can tune to 30 MHz. I would rather understand why this one is different.