Lime Mini, 1.25 GHz

Hi Support,

I’m trying to resolve a user problem with the Lime Mini, in doing so I have found that I cannot set the centre frequency to 1.25 GHz with LMS_SetLOFrequency. No matter what I do, LMS_GetLOFrequency always returns the previous frequency.

What’s odd is that I can set the centre frequency to 1.255 and 1.26 GHz.

My software versions etc:

14:43:36.863: Radio LimeSDR> Device: device name ............: LimeSDR-Mini
14:43:36.863: Radio LimeSDR>         expansion name .........: UNSUPPORTED
14:43:36.863: Radio LimeSDR>         firmware version .......: 5
14:43:36.863: Radio LimeSDR>         hardware version .......: 0
14:43:36.863: Radio LimeSDR>         protocol version .......: 1
14:43:36.863: Radio LimeSDR>         board serial number ....: xDF48BFE4
14:43:36.864: Radio LimeSDR>         gateware version .......: 1.24
14:43:36.864: Radio LimeSDR>         gateware target board ..: LimeSDR-Mini

All help appreciated.

Hi, @SimonG4ELI

First I would suggest upgrading your LimeSDR-Mini gateware by running:

LimeUtil --update

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The separate initialisation registers a few lines of code above this one makes me wonder if the hardware revision is the root cause of the problem. At a guess your’s is a pre-production test board ?

Any resolution here? Simon was trying to help me.