Portable antennas

Hello. Are there any good cheap wideband antennas with sma connectors for limeSDR?

Something like [this]((http://www.ebay.com/itm/5db-700-2600Mhz-4G-LTE-omni-directional-Antenna-with-SMA-plug-male-/331030464357?hash=item4d12f40765:g:5t8AAOSwjVVVpyQO) for 700-2600Mhz

and this for lower frequencies

RF input/output impedance is 50 Ohm. Hence any antenna with this impedance may be used. There is no “special” antenna for LimeSDR-USB. Although we supply antennas, check our crowd supply page.

Those short stubby antennas are horrible, on all bands. Here is a much better idea.


I have some of these PCB log periodics that I bought from Kent. You need to solder on an SMA or pendant coax, but that’s easy.

Barry w0iy

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Thanks for the answers, but I would like to have portable antennas.