Do you point me to somewhere where I can buy a decent set of antennas (with male SMA connectors) I could use with LimeSDR? I’m interested mostly in <2.7GHz.
Ebay links would be fine…

I have ordered these on aliexpress.

Could not find a supplier for simple telescopic antennas with sme male plugs.

At those frequencies it is super cheap and easy enough to print all the antenna you need to cover your req’d range on a piece of copper circuit board with the traces running to holes for a 5v switched relay setup.
Lots of circuits available for the switching set up on the internet.
Get too high for relays and traces then your talking wave guides and feed horns anyway, but I don’t think we are getting into that range with these boards. Definitely the next iteration will.

I’d also like to get antennas. I just ordered two LimSDR from the batch shipping (hopefully) Feb 28, and I want some cheap short flexible antennas for some experimental/portable use. I’d rather not order from China due to the long time it takes for delivery. My main interest is in the cellular and 2.4 ghz bands. I’d love it if there was some Amazon prime pack-o-duckies I could order, that I would be sure would work, and arrive in time for me to use them with the LimeSDR. I have no use for enclosures for the SDR, as I am building those as test objects on my 3D printer.

looks like Laptop coax and antenna’s fit …

Received my antennas on friday. As I need only one of the three I ordered two are available. If you are located in Europe or in Germany pm me if you are interested. They are 20 cm retracted and extend to 80,5 centimeters. Gain is 2,15 dBi (95 to 300 MHz) and 3,2 dBi (300 to 1100 MHz) and quite suitable for casual broadcast listening to AM/FM stations.