LimeSDR and log periodic pcb antenna

Dear All,

I’m the proud owner of a brand-new-just-arrived LimeSDR device and i’m now trying to choose the antennas and i’m still wondering about the use of a log perodic pcb antenna (850 - 6500 MHz) ?

Do you think that it is a relevant choice ?

Which socket should I choose on the Limesdr for connecting such an antenna please ?

Thank you very much for your help,

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I can not comment regarding antenna itself, but do not understand why you want 6.5GHz.
In terms of connector you need U.FL female one on antenna cable, check this thread:

Hi Zack,

Thank you for your help …

I do not want 6.5 Ghz but I’m looking for a large spectra antenna and the ones that can be found generally goes up to 6500 mhz…
I plan to put the LimeSDR in an aluminum case with U.FL to external SMA connector , and then connect the external sma connector to the aluminium case sma connector.

Is there some LimeSDR users who have experiment with a log periodic pcb antenna please ?

Thank you very much for your help !

Hi skappy,

I use 2 of these antenna’s to experiment between 2 hackrf’s.

I use a piece of semi-rigid cable with on one side a female SMA connector and the other side (smallest part from the antenna) the cable directly on the PCB .
Then i soldered the outer conductor from the semi-rigid cable on the middle lane on 3 places to secure the cable there (no bad influence to the antenna performance).
The semi-rigid cable is a inch longer than the antenna. That part i make stiff with some solder.

You can also solder a PCB SMA male or female connector in the prepared holes and connect there you coax cable.
But take care that this cable not influence the performance from that antenna.

I have to find a definitive solution for a non conductive stand for these antenna’s.
But for now i use some hard foam where i push the antenna in
It works for me very well for indoor experiments.

But remind that a logper antenne is not selective. So you have to filter it by yourself.

Regards Ben

What frequency edges do you wish to use and how much gain?

Dear Kc7noa and pe2ben,
Thank you very much for your help and information…

I’m a kind of newbie in the SDR field and I would like to find a universal antenna which allow me to explore from about 400 mhz up to 2.4 Ghz … I have no particular frequency in minds but GSM, wireless communication and other usual communication devices attract me a lot …
May I ask you , according to you, what would be the more relevant antenna’s choice please ?
I’m a bit lost :-/
Thank you once again for the help !

I like this antenna … but it does not cover up to 2.4Ghz …
4.7db gain (7.7dbi)

you might need to use 2 log antenna’s for the span your looking for …